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New Vision Therapy - Now Is the Time to Get Help for Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction is a terrible problem that can devastate the lives of those who struggle with it. It affects not only the alcoholic, but it hurts loved ones too. Overall, it is not just about drinking alcohol; it is also about abusing it. For instance, a person will continue to imbibe, despite negative consequences. There are different phases of alcoholism and everyone experiences it in a variety of ways.

Three stages of progression:

* Early phase - The first signs of alcohol addiction can manifest in poor judgment, diminishing productivity, and an inability to sleep

* Middle phase - At this level, a person might experience blackouts, cravings and have issues within relationships

* Late phase - At this point, the addict has lost control and they may suffer from severe withdrawal symptoms if they can not get a drink. This is when the person will need professional intervention, as well as support from family and friends to beat their alcohol addiction.

Without the proper treatment, this condition can lead to physical problems, social, and financial ruin.

What New Vision Therapy Provides

Here at New Vision Therapy, we offer those with alcohol addiction a variety of therapeutic procedures to fit their specific situation.

This could include:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Cognitive behavioral therapy is a popular treatment for alcohol addiction. This technique uses psychotherapy that concentrates on helping people change their thinking and behaviors in order to find a solution, other than drinking, for their problems. One of the key ingredients of cognitive-behavioral therapy is teaching our guests how to monitor and manage their thoughts and emotions. This involves learning to identify negative thought patterns and developing healthy coping mechanisms for when things go wrong. This program shows people they can cope with and live a fulfilling life without dependence on alcohol.

Family Systems Therapy

Alcohol addiction is often linked to dysfunction in families, which can result in families being stressed when trying to cope with the person who has the addiction. Family systems therapy can help families identify and resolve their problems, which may improve their overall relationship interactions. We can do this process by addressing the root causes of the addiction, as well as resolving conflicts and disagreements between family members. Most times, we can trace addiction back to unresolved childhood issues, such as abuse and abandonment.

Medication-assisted Recovery

In recent years, there has been an increase in using medication to help people recover from alcohol addiction. These medications can be helpful for people who have difficulty abstaining from alcohol, as well as those who have developed tolerance to abstinence-based therapies. The medications used in medication-assisted recovery vary, but they all have the aim of helping people to stop drinking and reduce cravings.

Overall, for those who are dealing with alcohol addiction, getting therapeutic care from our therapists is highly beneficial. Our New Vision Therapy therapists can assist individuals in developing coping mechanisms and strategies to help maintain sobriety. Therapy can provide a support system for the individual, which is critical in maintaining long-term prudence on the path to recovery. If you or someone you know is struggling with alcohol addiction, please seek professional help.

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